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Scottish Rite Learning Center
Of West Texas

Nationally Recognized

Dyslexia Therapist Training Center and

IMSLEC Recognized School

Our Mission

The mission of the Scottish Rite Learning Center of West Texas is to establish, maintain and promote the premier dyslexia education program in West Texas, the Panhandle, and Eastern New Mexico for the purpose of training and assisting individuals with dyslexia.

Girl writing in class undergoing language training for students with dyslexia
male student with teacher learning the alphabet


a specific learning disability that is neurobiological in origin. It is characterized by difficulties with accurate and/or fluent word recognition and by poor spelling and decoding abilities. These difficulties typically result from a deficit in the phonological component of language that is often unexpected in relation to other cognitive abilities and the provision of effective classroom instruction. Secondary consequences may include problems in reading comprehension and reduced reading experience that can impede growth of vocabulary and background knowledge.

Training for Students with Dyslexia

The Scottish Rite Learning Center of West Texas, a charitable endeavor of the Lubbock Scottish Rite of Freemasonry, offers reading, handwriting, and spelling therapy for students with dyslexia. No charges are made for the services of the Learning Center to students or their parents.

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Dyslexia Therapist Training

The Dyslexia Therapist Training Course provides an opportunity for teachers to learn a curriculum and strategies that are recognized as effective for teaching basic language skills to students with dyslexia.

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Opportunity for Giving

The West Texas Learning Center is a non-profit, tax-exempt 501(c)(3) corporation. Anyone desiring to make a tax-deductible contribution to this worthy endeavor may do so.

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Dyslexia Training

Learning a Different Way

Our History

The Scottish Rite Learning Center of West Texas (SRLCWT) opened in 1975 as a learning center for students with dyslexia.  Dr. Lena W. Waters, the first director, had received language therapist training in the Language Laboratory at the Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children in Dallas, Texas.  On November 3, 1975 she began teaching one student in the Alphabetic Phonics Curriculum. This student was the first of many students to receive language training at the West Texas Learning Center.  In September of 2003, the SRLCWT began teaching the Take Flight: A Comprehensive Intervention for Students with Dyslexia curriculum.   The Take Flight curriculum was written by the staff of the Luke Waites Center for Dyslexia and Learning Disorders of Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children (TSRHC).   It builds on the success of the three previous dyslexia intervention programs: Alphabetic Phonics, the Dyslexia Training Program and TSRH Literacy Program.  It is a scientifically evidence-based, multisensory structured, sequential, phonetic-based curriculum specifically designed for the student with dyslexia. The classes are taught by Certified Academic Language Therapists.  Students attend Monday-Thursday for one hour each day for two to two and a half years. No student has ever been charged for attending the Center. The funding of the West Texas Learning Center is achieved through contributions from both Masons and non-Masons.

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