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February 21, 2025

C. J. Davidson Memorial Lecture Series, “Advances in Literacy”

Each spring the Center invites parents, educators, administrators, physicians, therapists, and others interested in  literacy to attend the C.J. Davidson Memorial Lecture Series: Advances in Literacy.  This event began in 1997, when the Davidson family of Midland provided a foundational grant for teachers and others in this area an opportunity to hear nationally renowned speakers in the field of literacy.  The Lecture Series is held at the Scottish Rite Building in Lubbock.  Dr. G. Reid Lyon, Distinguished Professor of Education Policy at Southern Methodist University, nationally known for his work with the National Reading Panel and National Institutes of Health in the study of scientific based reading programs, presented at the first lecture series in 1997 and a second time at the 2010 Lecture Series.  Other guest speakers have included Dr. Jeffrey Black, Dr. Robert Brooks, Suzanne Carreker, Marcia Henry, Priscilla Vail, and Barbara Wise.  A nominal fee is charged to attend the all-day event. 

The 2025 C.J. Davidson Lecture Series speaker will be Dr. Nancy Mather.

Nancy is a Professor Emerita at the University of Arizona in Tucson. She has served as a learning disabilities teacher, a diagnostician, a university professor, and an educational consultant. She has published numerous articles and books and conducts workshops on assessment and instruction both nationally and internationally. Her most recent book on dyslexia is Essentials of Dyslexia: Assessment and Intervention, 2nd ed. (Mather & Wendling, 2024). She is a co-author of several widely used tests, including the Woodcock-Johnson IV and the Test of Orthographic Competence (2nd ed.).

In addition, Dr. Mather and her co-authors have recently completed the Tests of Dyslexia (Mather, McCallum, Bell, & Wendling, 2024), a comprehensive assessment that is designed to help identify dyslexia in individuals of all ages. Dr. Mather recently received the 2023 Samuel Torrey Orton Award from the International Dyslexia Association for her contributions concerning the identification and remediation dyslexia.

Topics will include:

• Things Everyone Should Know about Dyslexia
• What should be included in a Comprehensive Assessment of Dyslexia

Past Speakers

2024 #27 Dr. Elsa Cardenas-Hagan

“Research on Structured Literacy for English Learners”, “Language and Speech Development”, “Language to Literacy Connections”, “Foundational Skills of Literacy”,  “Oral Language Development” and “Comprehension”.

2023 #26 Karen Avrit

” The New Texas State Dyslexia Handbook and What it Means to Us”, Related Disorders and Dysgraphia”, “Early Childhood Research and Intervention”, and “High School Research and Intervention”

2022 #25 Dr. Eric Tridas

“The Perfect Storm – Inattention, Dyslexia and Anxiety and Perfect Solutions – The Multidisciplinary Management of a Child with Inattention, Dyslexia and Anxiety” presented by Eric Tridas MD, FAAP

2020 #24 Dr. Nancy Cushen-White

“Best Practices for Teaching Handwriting to Students With Dyslexia and Dysgraphia – From Skills to Functional Use” and “Words With Spelling Connections Have Meaning Connections” presented by Nancy Cushen-White, Ed.D

2019 #23 Sucheta Kamatha

“Demystifying Executive Function, Self-Regulation, and Organization” presented by Sucheta A. Kamath, M.A., BC-NCD, CCC/SLP

2018 #22 Ari Tuckman

“ADHD from Home to School: Preparing Them for Life Beyond” presented by Ari Tuckman, PSYD, MBD

2017 #21 Jeffery Black

“Orthographic Processing: A Subcomponent or Subtype of Dyslexia?; The Research to Practice Gap: What Science Offers Teachers of Reading; and Looking for a Quick Fix? Controversial Therapies in the Treatment of Language and Learning Disorders” presented by Jeffery Black, M.D.

2016 #20 David Richards

“Special Education, Section 504 and the Texas Dyslexia Law” presented by David Richards, Attorney at Law, of the law firm Richards, Lindsay and Martin, LLP

2015 #19 Susan Ebbers

“Meaningful and Memorable Morphology Instruction” and “Multi-Faceted
and Vocalized Vocabulary Instruction” presented by Susan Ebbers, Doctoral
Candidate, Literacy Expert, Publisher of Vocabulogic (an award-winning,
research-based education blog), and Author (authored four supplemental

2014 #18 Terri Zerfas

“I can show you… I can tell you… But please don’t make me write!”
Presented by Terri Zerfas

2013 #17 Dr. Timothy Odegard

“The Biological, Psychological and Social Factors that Impact Dyslexia”
Presented by Dr. Timothy Odegard

2012 #16 Dr. Kenn Apel

“Word Study and the Literacy Interventionist: A Multi-linguistic Approach to
Literacy Instruction” Presented by Dr. Kenn Apel

2011 #15 David Boulton

“Stewarding Healthy Leaning” “Mind-Shame, The Dark Heart of Learning Difficulties” and “What’s At Stake and What’s Involved in Learning to Read” Presented by David Boulton

2010 #14 G. Reid Lyon and Diane Lyon

“Dyslexia and Other Reading Difficulties” and “Definition, Cause, Early Identification, Instruction, and Leadership” Presented by:  G. Reid Lyon, Ph.D. and Diane Lyon

2009 #13 Marcia Kierland Henry

“The Three ‘Ologies: Phonology, Etymology and Morphology” and “Vocabulary and Fluency: Keys to Comprehension” Presented by: Marcia Kierland Henry, Ph.D.

2008 #12 Michele Berg

“Capturing Elusive Images: Practical Strategies For Building Orthographic Recall” And “What Little Readers Need To Know: Launching Preschoolers Into Reading!!” Presented by: Michele Berg, Ph.D.

2007 #11 Suzanne Carreker

“Evaluation: What is Beyond the Numbers” Presented by: Helen Macik,
 M.Ed., CALT
“A Potpourri Of Vocabulary And Comprehension Strategies And Activities With A Dash Of Word Origins” Presented by: Suzanne Carreker, CALT, Qualified Instructor

2006 #10 Jeffrey Black and Martha Sibley

“Controversial Therapies: Research Evidence And Unproven Treatments For
Learning And Attention Disorders” Presented by: Dr. Jeffrey Black, Medical
Director of the LukeWaites Child Development Center, Texas Scottish Rite
Hospital for Children, Dallas, TX
“Strategies For Success: Making Learning More Efficient For Students With Reading Problems” Presented by: Martha Sibley, M.Ed., CALT

2005 #9 Sylvia O. Richardson

“Early Childhood Identification Of At-Risk Factors And Intervention,
Including Motor Acts Of Speaking And Writing” Presented by: Sylvia O.
Richardson, M. D., distinguished Professor of Communication Sciences and
Disorders, Clinical Professor Emerita of Pediatrics, University of South
Florida in Tampa

2004 #8 Gordon Sherman and Deardra Rosenberg

“Lessons From Neuroscience And Applications In The Classrooms” Presented by: Gordon Sherman, Ph.D.; Executive Director of the Newgrange School and Educational Outreach Center, Mercer County, New Jersey and Presented by: Deardra Rosenberg, M.A., LDT/C; Director of the Newgrange Educational Outreach Center

2003 #7 Conn Thomas

“What Every Teacher Should Know: Instructional Strategies For The
Academically Diverse Classroom” Presented by: Conn Thomas, Ph.D.;
Associate Professor, College of Education West Texas A. & M. University,
Research Assistant for over 20 years at the Center for Research on Learning,
University of Kansas

2002 #6 Robert Brooks

“Fostering Hope, Motivation, And Resilience In Children With Learning Disabilities” Presented by: Robert Brooks, Ph.D.; Clinical Psychologist Harvard Medical School Faculty

2001 #5 Suzanne Carreker

“Literacy: The Whole Nine Yards” Presented by: Suzanne Carreker, CALT;
Director of Neuhaus Education Center, Bellaire, TX

2000 #4 Barbara W. Wise

“The Benefits And Limits Of Phonological Training For Children With
Reading Disabilities: How To Effect Lasting Improvement In Independent
Reading, Spelling And Writing” Presented by: Barbara W. Wise, Ph.D.

1999 #3 C. Wilson Anderson

“Teaching The Classroom Subject Matter To Students Who Struggle With
Reading, Written Expression And Spelling” Presented by: C. Wilson
Anderson, Jr. M.A.T.

1998 #2 Priscilla L. Vail

“Words Fail Me: How Language Works And What Happens When It Doesn’t.
Helping Students K-12” Presented by: Priscilla L. Vail, M.A.T.

1997 #1 Dr. G. Reid Lyon, Ann Sanders, and Avril Greenburg

“Progress And Promise In Reading Disabilities” Presented by: Dr. G. Reid
Lyon, Ph. D.; Chief, Learning Disabilities, Cognitive, and Social 
Development Branch of The National Institute of Child Health and Human
Development, Bethesda, MD
“Sounds, Symbols, & Semantics: Balancing Language Components For Reading Instruction” Presented by: Ann Sanders, M. Ed.; CALT; Curriculum coordinator and Instructor for the Learning Therapist Program, Southern Methodist University; Curriculum Consultant Shelton School, Dallas, Texas
Avril Greenburg, B.A., Speech, Language & Hearing Therapist, Curriculum Coordinator and Instructor for the Learning Therapist Program Southern Methodist University; Past President, Academic Language Therapist Association